Creating a SOAP server in CodeIgniter

Today I am going to talk about how to create a web services server with the library NuSOAP in CodeIgniter. This post is based on our previous post (Using NuSOAP in CodeIgniter), so I would recommend you to read that post before continuing with this one, since here we use the “pseudo” library nuSoap_lib that we have created earlier. […]

Using NuSOAP in CodeIgniter

Today I am going to talk about the inclusion of the¬†PHP library NuSOAP in the development framework CodeIgniter, since a few days ago I saw the need for this integration. In this article I will focus on the integration of the library to consume Web services offered by an external site to us. […]

Exporting a Drupal site

Some days ago I was in need of exporting, from my localhost to my on-line host, a web site developed with the CMS Drupal in order to continue the work from a server with a similar environment to the production server. I was investigating in the Internet and there was only a little information and it was scattered, so I decided to put them all together in one post. […]