scrollTo: The jQuery plug-in and our CSS

The jQuery plug-in scrollTo (developed by Ariel Flesler) enables us to make our website to scroll (scrolling the vertical bar) to any item on our document we need, this way we can focus the user’s attention in that element each time the page is reloaded (for example, an entry in the left menu on our website), sparing the user from having to do it manually. On the website of the plug-in project you can find all (or almost all) the documentation that is needed to integrate it into your own project.

Bug fix in ImageFlow 1.3

Today we are going to fix a bug I found in updating ImageFlow, going from version 1.2.1 to 1.3. The new version is intended to solve, among other things, the problem that was in Internet Explorer when there was only one image in the gallery. The problem was that nothing was showed if only we had a picture in the gallery in IE. Well, version 1.3 already displays the picture if we only have one, but if that image also has a caption, it turns out that the caption is not shown, nor Internet Explorer or any other browser . Well, here is the solution for those wishing to fix the bug (and are brave enough) and want to get their hands on the code of the library.